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Stylish lingerie gloves can tell a lot about a woman, her tastes and preferences, adding elegance and femininity. Gloves not only emphasize the beauty of women's hands but also endow women with a sense of mystery and taste, so they enjoy special admiration and attention.

Types of Lingerie Gloves

  • What are women's fingerless gloves — they are also called mittens. They are very comfortable and versatile because they have open fingers and do not interfere with movement. This is an essential accessory for any erotic outfit. Adding to your lingerie closet sexy gloves combined with a variety of candid outfits, you can create a flawlessly feminine image. Lace, cutout, and satin mittens look great with erotic sets.
  • Long glove. The length can be up to the elbow, ending just behind the elbow, or as long as possible, the latter is also often referred to as an opera. The opera runs the entire length of the arm just above the elbow. The maximum length of opera gloves allows you to combine them with beautiful sleeveless and strapless dresses. The length to the elbow and just after it is the most popular and versatile, allowing you to wear skirts of many styles. Long latex and lace gloves look great in combination with erotic lingerie and lace mesh. 
  • Short glove. They end just above the wrist and look great with long sleeves. In erotic games, it is recommended to wear with bodysuits, mesh suits with long sleeves. 

How to Choose Lingerie Gloves

Some helpful tips from professional stylists when choosing this ambiguous accessory.

  1. Select models by size. The finger length must be the same length as yours, and the product itself fits snugly in the palm of your hand — without burning or dangling on your hand. Gloves that are too tight or too short are prone to tearing, while gloves that are too wide won't give you the elegant look you're looking for.
  2. If the fingers of the glove are narrow, or, conversely, longer than your own, then it is better not to buy such a product. You will look ugly. It's best to take your time and find the right size gloves for night or day.
  3. If you choose long gloves, pay special attention to their material. The fabric had to be stretchy enough — gloves, after all, cover a large area of ​​the hand, including the crook of the elbow — and the material had to stretch well enough to hold its shape.

Styling Tips for Lingerie Gloves

Since gloves can intrigue a man not only in combination with lingerie, but also with clothes, you need to know how to style them correctly. A few tips on combining the right clothes, gowns and lingerie with seductive gloves:

  • First of all, you should consider that the color of the gloves should be in harmony with several or at least one color in the outfit — so that the overall image looks harmonious.
  • Lace gloves go well with some other lace details of clothing. It can be a lace print on the trim of a dress, body, bra, panties, costume or robe. But a sense of proportion is important here — too much lace would be too obtrusive.
  • Bright lace women's gloves — long and short — are perfect for dark bodysuits, bras, panties and dresses. Red, sheer or yellow version, as well as other bright variants, will suit perfectly to a black combination or a dark blue model.

Lingerie Glove Trends

Recently, the variety of gloves is staggering, and the trends are becoming even greater. Classic lace, leather, satin, mesh, and latex gloves are no longer so original and are replaced by more unique models, which include jewelry, handmade details, a combination of fabrics, embellished with accessories, and so on. Now underwear gloves are more art than the usual closet element. 

You can always experiment with styling your seductive looks with gloves of different cuts, materials and models in general. Be bolder and feel more luxurious! You can place your order for stylish gloves at the baed stories online store. Delivery is exceptionally fast, so your look will be complete in no time at all! Don't forget to check out the "Sale" section and make yourself happy!