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The choice of underwear is very important for women. When choosing a set, you need to pay special attention to every detail. You can buy ready-made outfits or create your own, which will exactly match your taste and desired image. The basis of the flirty image is often erotic panties, so you should think carefully about your choice of color, style, and theme. You should make a choice according to your parameters, because some models emphasize your virtues, while others do not, and we, after all, want to achieve a stunning effect. Moreover, the choice of erotic panties should be based on your mood and on the image you want to appear in front of your partner.

Make him/her forget about everyday life? Subvert the temptation and seduction? A woman in beautiful lingerie can do a lot. Even if the lingerie is hidden under an evening dress or suit. Properly selected erotic panties and girdle with suspenders — and you already feel more feminine and confident, even without a sexy bra as an addition.

What are sexy panties?

Of course, any underwear worn by the beloved woman will be sexy for her partner. But this does not mean that she should not surprise by the choice of erotic panties or forget about the opportunity to update her collection and please herself and her beloved with something beautiful and alluring. Besides a modern online store, Baed Stories offers great options of sexy panties for different romantic and intimate occasions

Varieties of erotic panties in the assortment are as follows:

  • A thong is one of the simplest and sexiest styles of underwear. Pantie that completely opens the thighs. Depending on how the lines of the hips and waist are "stylized", these models are divided into T-, C-, V-, G-shaped thongs, and thong-shorts. This type of underwear is best suited for slender girls. But among women of different shapes and body concepts, you can also find fans of erotic panties, they always look sexy and mischievous.
  • Brasiliana is a panty with a half-open thigh. Very seductive style, emphasizing the beauty of female forms, giving images a special sense of mystery. Moreover, this form of underwear can visually "improve" the features of the figure. For example, with the help of high brasiliana can "elongate" the legs. If you choose a style with a horizontal pattern or rich lace, it will "expand" the narrow hips. You can reduce the volume in the thigh area with the monochrome design of these panties. This lingerie is especially advantageous in lace designs. 
  • Bikini is a low-waisted style with triangular inserts in the front and back. This is one of the most versatile styles for women of any physique concept. They look tempting but do not reveal all of the lady's innermost secrets. 
  • Tanga is a harmonious combination of thongs and bikinis. These panties have a low waist like a bikini and a sexy ass like a thong.

Factors to consider when choosing sexy panties

No matter what anyone says, panties are the crown of feminine seduction and erotic artifice. With their help, you can easily create a sexy and seductive image. They can hide figure flaws and emphasize its advantages. And such erotic lingerie is a great opportunity to present yourself in a new way every day, to constantly present your partner with new surprises, and inspire new fantasies. 

Many ladies have skillfully taken advantage of such opportunities. Others find "their" style of hot panties on an intuitive level and derive every privilege from this discovery. Others turn to stylists for advice not only to disarm a loved one. It is no secret that in the collection of every representative of the female sex must have several kinds of erotic panties that are suitable for different occasions and every mood. To make a balanced choice in favor of a particular model, take into account:

  1. Comfort and fit.
  2. Material and quality.
  3. Style and design.

How to wear sexy panties

It is important to note that the best effect on the partner will produce your erotic appearance if you choose a harmonious set of panties and bra, a sexy robe, and accessories. Of course, everything depends on your desire and the presentation of your image, but we advise you to take into account the following factors:

  • Pairing with lingerie or outfits.
  • Choosing the right occasion to wear them.
  • Confidence and attitude when wearing them.

Benefits of wearing sexy panties

Women are often confused by the choice of sexy lingerie and erotic panties in specialized stores, which either completely discourages you from buying erotic models, or leads to rash purchases and further disappointment, what to say about a man who is choosing a gift for his wife? To avoid unpleasant moments and get only pleasure, it is better to use the services of our online store Baed Stories. Many categories of underwear, various erotic sets, accessories for a perfectly seductive image, and beautiful erotic panties — our store gives you the opportunity to choose what you have dreamed about. What's more, with our offerings you can:

  1. Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Enhances intimacy and sexual experiences.
  3. Adds excitement and fun to your wardrobe.

The availability of products in the store will frankly inspire and impress you. Buy trendy erotic, the hottest models you can at a very reasonable price. Plus, check out the "Sale" section for even better deals. Place your order online and delivery will be made fast, as soon as possible.

Be the sexiest lady — choose erotic lingerie at Baed Stories!