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Erotic clothes can stimulate the imagination and develop fantasies. This type of lingerie differs from everyday options and is designed exclusively for the most romantic, liberated, and intimate moments with your partner. Online store Baed Stories will tell you why every woman should have erotic lingerie, and help you understand its variety.

What are erotic clothes?

Every woman has moments when one way or another she wants to diversify her romantic and intimate life, to feel even sexier. In this case, we recommend you have some pleasure and choose new erotic lingerie. Erotic clothes — are a part of your closet, which will help you feel attractive and loved, and automatically increase your self-esteem and libido. To make women's lingerie look flawless, you need to choose the right style. 

We have a wide selection of erotic clothing in which any woman will feel like a goddess: 

  • Bodysuits, bodystockings.
  • Sexy robe.
  • Corset.
  • Lingerie.
  • Bra.
  • Accessories.
  • The role, also known as a game, costumes.

Popular types of erotic clothes

This kind of savory clothing, like erotic, most often appears in several types of products — lingerie, bra, sexy robe, and bodysuits. Each of them is created specially for distinctive occasions, romantic rendezvous, intimate retreats, and can be useful for relations between a man and a woman.

Each type of lingerie has its own characteristics and meanings:

  1. Lingerie: the set may include panties with a bustier or tank top, top, and bra of the same fabric. They are usually made of translucent material, lace, and can be decorated with beads, sequins, ribbons, and beads. They come in the most open style and different colors.
  2. Bra: as a product, this item is divided into the following subcategories:
  3. Demi bra: this product is a bodice with cups. Great for voluminous shapes, as it perfectly lifts the bust. Most of these products have no foam or silicone padding.
  4. Balconette: this is one of the most popular and best-selling models. It has round cups and wide straps. The special design lifts the bust and shifts it toward the center, creating a seductive cleavage.
  5. Brallette: this bodice is made of lace fabric and is great for small breasts. The model has no separation between the cups and quality fixation of the breasts.
  6. Elongated bra themed: the bottom half of such products can reach the waistline. The models look like a shortened top, but have good support, even without bones and other rigid details.
  7. Bandeau: the main advantage is that the straps can be unbuttoned. Such an accessory can be worn with evening open dresses or blouses. This version should be purchased by ladies with

    Our store of erotic lenceria and kinky clothes for adults — the space where you can shop easily and with pleasure, and our clothes afterward as pleasant and comfortable to put on. Feel irresistible, even more confident, and desirable!

    How to care for erotic clothes

    It is important to note that such specific clothing requires a lot of attention and care. With the right care, our products will last you longer, and you can pamper yourself and your significant other more often. Take note of the following:

    • Follow the care instructions.
    • Store properly.
    • Avoid harsh detergents.


    Erotic clothes can add excitement to your sex life. And bringing more sensations and emotions is not only possible but sometimes necessary. Take your intimate relationship with your partner to a new sensual stage.

    Let us stress that you must feel comfortable in our erotic clothing to get the most out of the process. Choose the right type and size for your body. Then you will avoid discomfort and focus only on pleasure. 

    Take care of your erotic clothes to ensure they last longer. Take care of your erotic outfits — then they will be a part of your sexy collection for as long as you wish.