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Beautiful lingerie gives lady femininity and self-confidence. The same applies to erotic lingerie. Such an outfit can significantly transform the girl, making her figure more attractive and sensual. When it comes to seductive lingerie, the first thing that comes to mind is the bra. It is the chest — the first place on a women's body, which attracts the male gaze.

What is an erotic bra?

Finding a sexy bra for every taste has become easy. Thanks to such a wealth of erotic options, women can often present themselves to their loved ones in a completely new light. This kind of bra is created for special occasions, so it is guaranteed to cause desire in both. 

The main difference between erotic bras from everyday lingerie is that no matter how attractive your underwear is for every day, you choose it not only because of the design but also because of practicality and convenience. Everyday lingerie should be made of breathable material, be functional, and harmonize with your main clothes in style and color.

The erotic bra is not worn under clothing but is used to seduce and attract men. It is not so much a question of coziness, as of suggesting sexual thoughts and the ability to excite the imagination.

Erotic bras are divided into several varieties according to their characteristics:

  • Demi-bra: this model implies a bust with cups. Excellent for lush breasts, in particular, to raise them well. Most of these positions do not have pads of foam or silicone.
  • Balconette: this is one of the most common and popular positions. It has one-piece cups and large straps. The peculiar design gives the possibility to support the breasts, and also shifts them to the middle, forming a seductive cleavage.
  • Brallet: this bodice is often made of lace, and is excellent for small busts. The model has no distribution between the cups, and the support of the breasts is not so significant.
  • Elongated bra: this type of product can reach the waistline in the lower half. Externally, these models look like shortened t-shirts but have good fixation even in the absence of bones and other rigid elements.
  • Bandeau: the key advantage of this is that the straps can be removed. This kind of bra can be worn together with an evening revealing dress or blouse. This accessory should be bought by women with puffy breasts, as it visually reduces the volume.
  • With push-up effect: this bodice gives you a chance to enlarge your chest by a couple of sizes and show it in the best way possible.
  • No bones: the product has triangular cups and is made of airy fabrics. Perfectly fits a small bust.

Features of an erotic bra

Like any other element of lingerie and clothing, given the specificity and narrowness of the niche, erotic bras have their own distinctive features. Among the main pronounced details, we can single out:

  1. Sheer or lace material.
  2. Cut-out designs.
  3. Embellishments such as rhinestones or feathers.
  4. Ability to combine with various panties and sexy robe of different lengths.

Who wears erotic bras?

Erotic lingerie — is not just an unusual item of clothing of different styles and designs, but a powerful tool that can form a specific experience and the necessary perception, both personal and partner. The choice in favor of erotic lingerie make:

  • Women who want to feel sexy and confident.
  • Couples who want to spice up their intimate life.

How to choose the right erotic bra

It is worth noting that the choice of erotic bras entirely depends on the customer's desire: it will be cute or hot, sweet or totally explicit, open themed or classic, expensive or cheap — it all depends on your mood. To choose your product with confidence:

  1. Consider your body type and comfort level.
  2. Look for a style that complements your outfit or mood.
  3. Don't be afraid to try something new and daring.

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Ladies, do not deny yourself the pleasure — choose a bra from baed stories!