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by Alina Logvinova on May 04, 2022

PATRONESS - baedstories
While the man goes ahead, the woman acts softly and playfully. And this feline approach often brings overwhelming results. Strong fatal seductresses with one glance, a half tilt of the head, a gentle touch drove men crazy. With the new PATRONESS collection, you too can feel like a real empress.
One of the most famous empresses in world history was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. According to legends, one night with Cleopatra cost a lifetime; even the most powerful rulers and warriors lost their heads from her. With the PATRONESS Cleopatra set, you will feel the power and arrogance of the last queen of Egypt. In such an outfit, you will conquer your man, he will fulfill all the innermost desires.
Another set of the PATRONESS collection will make you a professional temptress of the Land of the Rising Sun. Mistress through all ages were considered women of art, as they could support a conversation of any level. According to the rules, they were not allowed to enter into relations with men. But it was the geisha who decided whether closer communication would continue. And if the law was already violated, then the geisha fulfilled the wishes of her master as much as possible. You don’t need to spend years mastering the ancient art of seduction to feel like a real geisha. The Mistress kit will help you transform into a Japanese nymph.
The third outfit in the PATRONESS line is the Empress Hot Set. The powerful empress changes admirers like gloves, one royal look – and another lover fell into the fatal web of passion. Stay in the role of an impudent empress, who either brings the next admirers closer to herself and gives him the heat of passion, then moves away, pouring coldness and forcing