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Police Lady

by Alina Logvinova on May 04, 2022

Police Lady
Many sexual fantasies are based on the desire to be arrested by an attractive female police officer. With a sexy costume and additional accessories, you can make your loved one’s fantasy come true. Black color and daring mini are the main features of the classic erotic look, and, of course, they are present in the female police costume. The short skirt has several piquant details – a metal zipper in the front, a mesh at the waist and graceful straps at the back (by the way, the back is straps only). A seductive bra will only warm up the interest of a partner because a translucent mesh leaves room for imagination. The set is complemented by a police headdress and, of course, handcuffs.
Such garments are half the success of any role-playing game, the other 50% depends on the scenario. Role-playing games will not only spice up your intimate life but also allow you to show your artistry. Preparation must begin in advance. You can send your partner a thematic SMS message about the upcoming detention by attaching a provocative photo in a costume to it. Bring in your imagination, come up with the best plot, and, smoothly shaking your hips, get off on a seductive walk to fight crime.

In a harsh tone, press charges against your partner, after which you can handcuff him or put him facing the wall and start your police search. Every professional police officer knows that experienced drug dealers and smugglers can hide illegal goods even in the most unexpected places. Your task is to carry out a private naughty inspection as thoroughly as possible.
A policewoman may slightly exceed her powers, why not use the power she received for her personal interests. Drop a hint to the detained criminal that he can make a deal with the investigation. Perhaps you will agree to let him go if he fulfills all your naughty demands. Remind the criminal that any resistance to a government official is severely punished with erotic sanctions.