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BS lingerie: new aesthetic level in classic sexual characters

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Role games will help to introduce new experiences into private life and role-play lingerie is necessary for realism. The best choice is baed stories’ lingerie, because it represents creative redesign of ordinary role-play clothes and introduces a provocation note to the private life that is impossible to ignore.

Each character is woven of details elaborated according to exclusive concept. You want to be a maid, a nurse, a horsewoman or you are ready to try the look of goddess, judge, angel, these and many other looks are thought out. All that is left to do is to choose desired lingerie and to become more adorable and showy woman for your partner.
baed stories designer’s lingerie has its advantages:
  1. Unique design, creative redesign of familiar characters. Mixture of interesting elements, among which there are laces, chains, ruffles and belts, unlike anything but at the same time looks like something familiar.
  2. It is an entire range in role-play lingerie, which brings private games to a new level. If before the excitement was appearing at subconscious and imagination level, now all details of the image are important. The partner is already enjoying while examining them.
  3. Premium quality. Lingerie’s sexuality is explained by materials used during creation of unique images. Even externally the costumes appear attractive and soft-touch warm up the partner even more. Besides, Baed Stories’ lingerie often has different handles what makes it more special.
baed stories’ role-play lingerie of new generation is the best choice for connoisseurs of style and maximal sexuality. It is a really new product having its drama and inimitable mystery, combined with special sexuality.

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