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Fantastic collection: welcome to your personal fairy-tale!

by Alina Logvinova on May 04, 2022

Fantastic collection: welcome to your personal fairy-tale!
As we were little we were growing with fairy tales and fabulous heroes surrounded us everywhere. Even now, though we are adults, those fairy characters are still alive in our memory. By the way, on the basis of fabulous plots, you can arrange exciting role-playing games. This will warm up sexual interest, cause a surge of new emotions and give an unforgettable experience. With bold and spicy outfits, you can try on any role, making a new interpretation!
Erotic role games with fairy-tale characters can refresh relationships. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to liberate yourself and to reveal your sexual potential. These activities are relevant for couples of all ages.

In role-playing games, you cannot do without themed underwear, which sets you in the right mood and excites. The bæd stories brand prepared everything you need for such a game. To your attention a new turn heads fabulous collection.

Underwear will allow you to forget the problems and all the hustle and bustle of the real world, giving the feeling of a miracle in your life. Let yourself be the main character in a mature fairy tale.
Elven Bride – try on the role of an Elven Bride, forcing the Prince to fall at your feet; pristine white set offers a view of the most interesting.
Little Red Riding Hood – the seductive image of Little Red Riding Hood will appeal to plucky ones and play out a fantasy.
Sexy Bunny – create a unique look with a playful bodysuit, cuffs, collar, ears and fluffy stickini.
Follow your own scenarios of a role game and discover with this bold fabulous collection by bæd stories!