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Retro Mouse.The set combining retro chic and modern design will not leave anyone disappointed. Mesh silhouette catsuit with voluminous collar, figured flared sleeves and legs. Also, the image can be supplemented with playful mouse ears and a frame belt with a ring.
Techno Bunny.Black zip-up mesh catsuit with an open back covered with fringe and wide legs from the hips. The main feature of the catsuit is the fringe decor, which makes the movements spectacular. You can also complete the look with accessories such as bunny ears and/or high fringed gloves.
Kitty Pop.Transformer catsuit with detachable leggings is a 2 in 1. You can choose a short bodysuit or a eye-catching full-length catsuit. The look is made of stretch silk and mesh, with a zippered frame bust. The set can also be supplemented with the cat ears accessory.

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Hot Pink

If you don’t know what role to try on yourself, pay attention to this section. Erotic lingerie for role-playing games from the Hot Pink collection will help to show the sensuality of nature. Surprise your man in a gentle but passionate way, and he will not take his eyes off you. With a set in a pink-red color scheme, you will make a real splash.
Capsule collection of Hot Pink underwear will help you transform into the heroine of a fantastic fairy tale. Captivate your partner by dressing up in one of three images. For your choice – Sexy Maid, Shedevil and Pink Unicorn. Among them you will definitely find the perfect option for emancipation.

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Studying underwear for role-playing games, it is worth noting the variety of images and roles. Some of them are especially in demand due to their mystery and inaccessibility, which excites the interest of men. They certainly want to reveal the secret and get to know such a woman until the very end.

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Tenderness collection created to enhance your feminite and give your couple a chance to enjoy every minute spending together. This erotic liengerie accentuate the metrits of the women statue, created to expirienced something new. Partners will be able to completely relax with each other, with all the dedication following the bed scenario. And underwear for role-playing games from the brand bæd stories will make this process especially sensual and pleasant.
Capsule sets are perfect for any girl. The finished image will emphasize the charisma and pleasantly surprise the partner. A pleasant feeling for the main actress of an intimate performance is guaranteed by the best materials that perfectly fit on any figure. Such erotic underwear will make sex a real journey through the waves of ecstasy.

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Seductive Uniform

Seductive uniform is a well-known collection of popular images often becoming desirable on a subconscious level. Therefore, an intimate game often brings bright emotions, ecstasy and happiness. Accordingly, such a heat of passion is impossible without certain props. Lingerie for role-playing games, in such cases, will be an ideal option for those who want to discover more in the world of sex.

But do not forget that the choice of a set will create a mood and atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to please your partner only with the best outfits from the brand bæd stories. High-quality materials and original design will make any evening special. Beautiful erotic underwear will be a real find for those who are tired of the measured routine and crave new sensations in the arms of a loved one!


A modern woman can do everything: she solves issues in the workplace, brings up children, squeezes out kilograms in the gym, cross-stitches and prepares masterpieces in the kitchen. And, of course, he performs feats in bed for the sake of his beloved man. For those women who do not believe in their superhero abilities, are not sure of the strength of their nature, there are special costumes for special occasions. Role play lingerie for the Superheroine niche collection can be found at bæd stories store.


Everyday lingerie should be as comfortable and high quality as possible so that girls do not feel constrained and insecure. When choosing it, the main thing is to take into account the degree of convenience and not pay attention to the prejudices of the people around. Only in the beautiful erotic lingerie of the baed stories brand will women really be able to love their body, feel like the queen of the whole world, at whose feet men lie in stacks. A characteristic feature of the Basic Collection is a natural skin tone that almost merges with the color of the female body. Therefore, in it, girls will feel open, free and liberated, but at the same time all intimate areas will be closed with a fabric that is pleasant to the touch. Men can only guess what is under the luxurious linen.


Modern, beautiful erotic underwear is designed to meet all the needs of role-playing game lovers. Therefore, among the feminine elegant models, there are outfits for a real mistress. Despite the rigor of the color palette and the clarity of the lines, these outfits favorably emphasize the advantages of the female figure.

Release Passion

To surprise a partner, women often buy beautiful erotic underwear, which they wear for a special occasion. But if you want to impress your man, you should choose explicit sexual sets that leave the body almost completely naked. The appearance in such a vestment will not leave the partner indifferent, because in this case he will see his beloved from the other side.

Endless Love

Often, beautiful erotic underwear is something airy, lacy or transparent, turning a woman into a delightful and desirable creation. But for bold and playful ladies, there is a special category of outfits that leaves the body almost naked and at the same time emphasizes the dignity of the figure. Such models are a win-win option for a stormy night with a loved one, updating the monotonous sexual married life.