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Saint Valentine is on his way ♡

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So it’s high time to think about how to spend the most romantic day of the year. Of course, you can follow the classic list like cinema, restaurant, theater… Or you can spend it in such a way that memories will excite you for another year. And baed stories lingerie is the best assistant in this matter. After all, a well-chosen lingerie set will emphasize the natural beauty of your body and set the right rhythm for the evening.
Follow these simple rules to surprise your partner, create a special atmosphere and plunge into the maelstrom of your innermost desires.

  1. You need to create the mood right in the morning! Angel and Black Angel sets will help you create a look with the right touch. Their zest is in delicate feathers. Innocent and light or fatal with pepper – what are you today?
  2. Can you call it a holiday without breakfast in bed? Become his personal chef with the Chef set including a white apron and a chef’s hat. Your professional level in cookery does not matter, because the main dessert is you.
  3. Remove the shackles of constraint! Try on the look of a tempting housemaid with the Sexy Maid set. Wearing it you erase the boundaries and open up new opportunities. Playful organza ruffles, stockings, an underwire bra with an accent on the chest are everything you need for an intriguing game of two. Make use of the Ostrich Feather Tickler for a thrill.
  4. Shall we continue? Two of you are already so hot that it’s worth checking your heart rate. The Sexy Nurse set is our take on the classic nurse look. The interweaving of straps on your body, a transparent robe and garters on your legs leave room for imagination.
  5. The main intrigue of the holiday is X’s evening. And the Gift set is exactly what you need to feel luxurious. Playful ruffles at the waistline accentuate the waist, while the underwire bra adds a more dramatic edge to the neckline. Open panties and a bow on the belt hint to your partner where the main gift is.
Make use of the scarlet Love Time set for more explicit games. Accents in the form of hearts on the hips, neck and chest are not only an integral attribute of the Day of All Lovers, but also add romance to the image.

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