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First bæd stories’ showroom in Ukraine

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The brand of designer’s role-play lingerie Bæd Stories, which, during its some years of existence, became beloved by ladies from different parts of the planet, finally opened its showroom in Kyiv! Now you may try your sets without waiting them to be delivered. The shop works at: Vozdvizhenskaia Street 31а, 7 days a week from 11:00 until 20:00.

Here you will plunge into the world of sophistication and peace: soft light, gentle music, interesting decoration elements, grey and gold colour tones and black bed at the centre of the shop make the atmosphere especially welcoming for choosing lingerie, because it is a very private affair not requiring any hurry.
Designers sought to shift away from usual suits and to create something their clients would want to use. This lingerie will offer self-confidence, will get you revealed from new side and will help you to be transformed into a new character.

In the shop are represented all articles available on the website. Let’s have a look on what you may find:

  1. Role-play lingerie for every taste: Bon Voyage, refined characters of goddesses with several intertangles, chains and glossy stretch; #nosorryfor, by using this lingerie you will be transformed into a new character and you will move beyond expectations; Classic, familiar suits made of the best hypoallergenic materials; as well as collections like Holliday and Mistery, where you will find our uninhibited designer’s offers.
  2. A wide range of harnesses that will not leave indifferent for sure. Wearing them, you will feel as free as possible and no man will resist such temptation.
  3. Other accessories are also available, as leather flogger, crop, leather cuffs and natural ostrich feathers.
  4. Everyday lingerie new line, wearing of which allows you feel self-confident, to be on top day and night. The collection consists of classic suit, tender refined set, silk bodysuit and different garter belts.
We follow the entire sewing process in order to offer you only the best. We are waiting for you in our new showroom!

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