A modern woman can do everything: she solves issues in the workplace, brings up children, squeezes out kilograms in the gym, cross-stitches and prepares masterpieces in the kitchen. And, of course, he performs feats in bed for the sake of his beloved man. For those women who do not believe in their superhero abilities, are not sure of the strength of their nature, there are special costumes for special occasions. Role play lingerie for the Superheroine niche collection can be found at bæd stories store.

Role play costume "Spider Lady"

Role play costume "Super Lady"

Role play costume "Bat Lady"

For those who are super

In bæd stories, the erotic lingerie of the Superheroine collection is represented by images:

Bat Lady – the mysterious Bat Woman, who is aware of the location of hidden dark places and will lead her partner on new paths to pleasure and sensuality;

Super Lady – an amazing Super Woman who knows all about the power of desire, arousal and power over a partner;

Spider Lady is a dangerous and domineering Spider Woman who cannot be disobeyed, she can only obey her.

Such lingerie is also suitable for domineering women who want to show their partner who is in charge in the bedroom. It will also come in handy for an indecisive, closed lady to free her superpower and take over the man. It is perfect as a gift from a partner to a woman as a sign of surrender to her strength and sexuality. Such beautiful erotic lingerie will make a splash at a sex party and will attract many admiring glances.

Features and details

The lingerie of the collection is distinguished by an exclusive design, developed by experts who know everything about female nature and sexuality, with admiration and admiration. The cut and tailoring of the products are impeccable, only the best fabrics are used for a gentle touch to the body. Erotic lingerie Superheroine combines classic translucent bodices on the bone, lace panties, stockings with suspenders, which will look sexy and sensual on any woman.

You can buy the collections lingerie by placing an order in the bæd stories online store. If necessary, knowledgeable and delicate consultants will answer all questions and help you make a purchase. Payment at the request of the client can be made upon receipt of the linen, by card when placing an order or using payment systems. Within 1-3 days, the carefully packaged purchase will be sent to Ukraine or to any country in the world, where it will be delivered by the services selected by the client.

Buyers are also awaited in the bæd stories showroom, which is located in Kyiv. The lucky people of Kyiv and guests of the city have the opportunity to look at the super linen live and try it on to exactly fit the size.

Every woman should be mindful of her superhero abilities, including in her sex life. That every man can be subdued by the power of her passion. And that she is able to perform any feats for the pleasure of her partner.