First collection of everyday lingerie «MOON»

by @vikatemnova

For women dreaming to be transformed in a new sexual character and to feel in a new way self-confident and desired, the brand Bæd Stories has been creating wonderful role-play lingerie for already three years. Recently was presented new lingerie line named «MOON». It combines comfort and elegance of evening look. 

Wearing such lingerie, you will be absolutely self-confident 24/7 and ready to any turn of events. Let’s have a look to the collection in details:

  1. The lingerie is made in black with elements of white and grey tone colours creating the imitation of moon, which gave the name to the line. The basic materials are stretch silk and mesh. 
  2. The first set consists of bra with molded cup and regular waist panties with double effect thanks to the mesh. It became a real classic among brand’s articles and a real must have.
  3. Silk bodysuit is simply unperceivable on the body and it means it should appear in your wardrobe. Cups Push-Up, reliefs and insets of mesh, which constrict your waist, look not only attractive but also very elegant.
  4. If you appertain to fans of the classic, the new set with soft underwire cups, low neckline and silk half moon on the breast is exactly for you. Wearing it allows to feel desired comfort as well as self-confidence.
  5. Very tender and, at the same time, unusual character will be achieved wearing a bra with cutoffs on the breast and combination of several fabrics and bikini panties with decorative components on the waist

For designers it was very important to move away from monotonous costumes and to create something girls really want to see. 

Brand’s difference is a large size guide allowing ladies with different forms to enjoy refined lingerie. Delivery is available all over the world. Also we give possibility to purchase elements of new sets separately and to create one-of-a-kind look. 

$83 $54
$94 $61

Basic Lingerie

Lingerie set Dark Moon

$111 $72