The collection «Golden Army» is underwear, which will give passion to your relationships

Female power is in her impregnability, confidence and freedom. This was the precondition to create the collection «Golden Army» from brand bæd stories. What did we want to show by it? That woman is strong in its power, everything is within her power: she is able to subdue uncertainty, shyness, modesty and, mainly, the man, who is with her. Our main aim is to discover woman’s power of her attractiveness and sexuality.

Role underwear is the thing, which becomes the reference point to subdual, discovery of unknown border of sensualism. But you should understand that the main weapon in woman’s hands is not underwear but she herself! The main thing is to learn to use your power, show it avoiding back off.

Role plays will help to add spice to your intimate relationships. You need immodest underwear and toys for it. The collection of designer’s underwear «Golden Army» from brand bæd stories is:

  •         Power;
  •         Sensuality;
  •         Boldness;
  •         Confidence;
  •         Firmness.

The main advantage is high quality of production, rich assortment of role underwear and wide measurement. We want to make every woman happy!

All you need is to use your imagination and invite your man to the world, where all daring and unexpected erotic fantasies come true.

Try on the image f strong and independent woman, having added spice of amazingly sexy role underwear. The effect will be stunning! Your intimate life will become a fresh coat of paint. Real chaos of detonating mixture of passion, love and desire will predominate in your bedroom.

Give new sensation to yourself and your man and you’ll see how your intimate life will change. The collection of role underwear «Golden Army» from the brand bæd stories is the way to your passion.