Collection of erotic lingerie for role-playing games XMAS LOLLIPOP from bæd stories store

New Year`s holidays are a great excuse to try a new look. If in childhood costumes of Christmas trees and snowflakes were invented and worn with pleasure, then adult ladies prefer bolder, hotter and frank images. Unique erotic lingerie from bæd stories store will help you become a bright candy or Santa`s charming helper, freeing your desires and fulfilling your partner`s secret dreams.

Mysterious New Year`s image

Many make a promise to themselves to start a new life from the New Year – to go to the gym, give up bad habits, come up with a hobby … Lingerie from bæd stories inspires, even before the change of calendars, to change the usual image and take a fresh look at their femininity and sexuality. Bright and seductive things will help release hidden desires, lead your partner into the New Year`s fairy tale of temptation and acute pleasure.

Among the products of the XMAS LOLLIPOP collection in bæd stories are the following:

  • a set of lingerie in a bright, seductive color with a print of a striped Christmas candy – a light bra and open panties-slips. A contrasting combination of transparent fabric and seductive polka dot mesh plus shiny accessories – and the image of a sweet candy that you just want to try is ready;
  • red stretch fabric strap, embellished with an exquisite white boa and long red fringe. Not everyone is allowed to see such beautiful erotic lingerie – only a select few on New Year’s Eve at a private party or in the bedroom. It emphasizes the beauty of the female body, showing it in all its seductiveness;
  • dress with a delicate sheen of red or dark green. The flowing fabric accentuates the curves of the thighs and bust, and the slits allow for a glimpse of hidden beauty. The dress can cover up sexy nightwear, leaving a hint of hot desires and the promise of a fantastic night out.

All items of the collection are ideally sewn from high-quality materials, fit well and are easily adjusted over the body, do not crush, do not distract from the game and enjoyment. They help to create a special atmosphere in the bedroom, not only for the New Year holidays, bringing candy sweetness to the fresh everyday life.

Perfect image

The mysterious spirit of the New Year invites you to experiment, make and fulfill wishes. And create incredible sexy and sweet looks! For underwear from the XMAS LOLLIPOP collection in the bæd stories store, you can choose accessories for role-playing games.

A sweet candy look will be complemented by thin gloves or seductive stockings with a belt. Those who misbehave for a year will be punished with a stack or a whip. The handcuffs are also ready and waiting for the naughty, capricious and hot.

In bæd stories, you can also choose other lingerie for role-playing games – non-childish costumes of an angel, fireman, police officer or superwoman, sexy and seductive. They will make New Year`s Eve hot, passionate and memorable; on weekdays they will add spice and passion.