Collection of erotic underwear for role-playing games #nosorryfor from the store bæd stories

The #noshamefor collection was created in collaboration with Dj Nana, Masha Vinogradova and Irina Soponaru. This concept was born as a challenge and appeal to modern girls, women and guys!

Sex today is considered a shameful and tabulated topic for a huge number of people, although it is necessary to be ashamed of completely different things! The brand baed stories has developed an individual kit with each participant of the project, revealing the story for which the heroine is really ashamed. You can see these stories on our Website and on Instagram or in the girls ‘ social networks.

If you respond to the theme of the indelibly imposed shame for sex, let’s destroy these sterotypes together! Tell your story on your Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #nosorryfor

Fashion design is also an art. And it has different genres. From classic dresses and business suits to racy outfits. But only the brand bæd stories managed to make women’s underwear really fascinating, to embody emotions and passion in it.

The distinctive features of the exciting sets are not only comfort and premium materials, but also a new uncompromising design. Lingerie for role-playing games is created to transform a woman, to reveal her true beauty and sexuality. Also, this outfit will help to significantly expand the views on intimacy. After all, without hypocrisy and with full immersion in the chosen image, sensations and orgasms will be especially vivid.

Non-standard and special

The designer of women’s underwear took part in the development and creation of the #nosorryfor collection. That is why such erotic underwear is created taking into account the real needs of beautiful girls and the characteristics of the female body. Naturally, the materials also played an important role. Such sets are not only nice to wear for a special evening, they are also beautiful at the level of tactile sensations, which makes sex more intense.

The model range of this collection is represented by three sets, each of which creates an individual and charismatic image. Directly on the site are presented:

  • strict and domineering Tamer, whose stack will teach you to obey female beauty;
  • bright, exciting and attractive Chef, with which you want to cook all night long;
  • Firewoman, igniting the fire of lust and passion at first sight.

Do not forget that any model can be supplemented with special surprises for your partner. Accessories for role-playing games will perfectly fit into an intimate scenario and give an indescribable feeling.
A gift for the beautiful and free

The ability to be happy, rejecting boring stereotypes is an important element of the right psychological attitude. After all, in a sphere where there are mutual feelings, passion and sex, there is no place for shame or fear. This approach will allow you to realize your needs and fulfill your secret desires. And sexy nightwear will make this process as pleasant