Holiday collection

Holiday collection of erotic lingerie for role-playing games from the bæd stories store

The holiday and weekend atmosphere is always pleasant. Especially the opportunity to spend time as the soul demands. For example, in the arms of a loved one. Or rejecting the social mask, reincarnate in an image that is a reflection of your own bright and extraordinary nature. It is best to do this in the intimate sphere. Beautiful erotic lingerie will create the necessary entourage, and lust and passion will make the night memorable.

This is the essence of the holidays — a bright and exciting holiday that will give you moral strength and make you wait for the next night of love. Partners will be able to completely relax with each other, with all the dedication following the bed scenario. And underwear for role-playing games from the brand bæd stories will make this process especially sensual and pleasant.

A holiday that is always with you

Often, the process of choosing a gift for the upcoming holiday puts many couples at a dead end. In this case, it’s time to remember that the best gift will be emotions that will never be forgotten. Well, a bright orgasm and an extravaganza of feelings will just be the gift, the expectation of which turns into a sweet longing. Additional accessories for role-playing games can completely transform the usual sex into a real holiday of feelings.

Among the assortment on the portal of the brand bæd stories, it is best to cope with this task:

  • leather bracers;
  • refined lash;
  • a strict stack that will become an organic part of almost any image;
  • a delicate feather.

All these things will perfectly complement the Holiday collection. It contains sexy nightwear, with which any evening will be a celebration of sex and love.

Special gifts

The festive collection will help transform the intimacy. Fill it with the aesthetics of touch, the beauty of movement and passionate play. Erotic underwear from the brand bæd stories is created to pleasantly surprise and delight. It is also characterized by comfort and convenience. Even the most passionate movements will not cause inconvenience, but only strengthen the range of feelings.

You can order women’s underwear on the brand’s website almost anywhere in the world. Fast delivery guarantees minimal waiting time. Accordingly, the main gift will receive a decent package and will be able to please your beloved partner for long nights and days. A wide size grid will provide a stunning look for any girl, and a pleasant look will delight even on crumpled sheets.