Bon Voyage

Collection of erotic underwear for role-playing games Bon voyage from the store bæd stories

Borders can be closed, movement can be restricted, and work can be moved to a remote format. It is impossible only to restrain sincere emotions, passion and imagination. And those who dare to embark on a bold sexual journey will definitely need underwear for role-playing games. Fresh and original scenarios, aesthetics, taste, beauty of a beautiful girl, emphasized by the original set. All this is about the new Bon voyage collection from the brand bæd stories!

Capsule sets are perfect for any girl. The finished image will emphasize the charisma and pleasantly surprise the partner. A pleasant feeling for the main actress of an intimate performance is guaranteed by the best materials that perfectly fit on any figure. Such erotic underwear will make sex a real journey through the waves of ecstasy.

In the power of the elements and the embrace of the goddess

The Bon Voyage collection is beautifully realized and thought out to the smallest detail. The designers of the brand were able to combine bright accessories for the chest, thin exciting straps and an original look. This combination and the appropriate environment will make sex carefree and exciting. Beautiful erotic underwear by its very appearance casts away sullenness and worries, leaving lust and passion.

The website of the Ukrainian brand presents different variations of erotic outfits for bold travel. The most vivid:

  • a cheeky and stormy sailor, with whom it is very easy to drown in the sea of passion;
  • exciting flight attendant, the flight with which you do not want to finish;
  • a gentle and alluring goddess whose worship is filled with ecstasy.

Sexy nightwear will be a great gift for any girl. After all, it will only help to open the soul and embody secret desires.

Preparing for an intimate journey

The production of each model of underwear is carried out with an exact match to the size table. And the ability to order a bodice and panties in different sizes guarantees a perfect look on any figure. Women’s underwear is made taking into account anatomical features and with the best hypoallergenic materials.

For a more complete immersion in the image and rich sex, you should also pay attention to accessories for role-playing games. Stacks, whips and feathers will make sex special and sensual. Presented in different colors, they will perfectly complement almost any image and will become constant companions in an intimate journey.