Savage Power

Savage Power erotic clothing collection from bæd stories store

Minimalism is appropriate not only in art or interior design, but also in intimate attire. After all, mutual feelings do not imply closeness, shyness and distrust. And the best decoration of passion will be refined and sexy sets from the brand bæd stories. The most striking detail of which are the straps. Thin strips of leather or premium fabric perfectly emphasize the figure and excite the imagination.

Beautiful erotic lingerie can consist entirely of accessories and tasteful details. These straps are very comfortable, do not restrict movement and do not interfere at all, even in the most vivid and passionate intimate moments. They also open up a lot of space for role-playing games, creating images and making sex special.

At the mercy of desires and instincts

The name of the Savage Power collection speaks for itself. In these outfits, there is no place for falseness, timidity or modesty. Only the intensity of feelings and the most vivid intimate fantasies. For those whose courage has become a guide to the world of pleasure, the brand bæd stories has prepared three special sets. Real works of design art — erotic underwear, the strips of which are selected as stylishly and excitingly as possible:

  • The Empress that only the most loyal and courageous favorites deserve;
  • A mysterious Geisha, for whose favor the partner will be ready to climb the foggy Fujiama;
  • Cleopatra is the cherished dream of someone who craves hot sex and all-consuming passion.

The leg straps stretch perfectly and are adjustable. They do not rub even during long nights and unbridled passions. Any girl can transform her image and become the most desirable for her partner.

Nice additions

Bed scenarios should not be monotonous. In the intimate sphere, freedom and courage should always prevail. That is why the brand bæd stories has created stylish and non-trivial accessories for role-playing games. They are able to deliver unusual pleasure and vivid orgasms to both partners. After all, the hands shackled with pleasant handcuffs or a sharp wave of the whip will become synonymous with the word ecstasy.

All kits can be ordered on the company’s website. In addition to pleasant prices and consistently high quality, there is a convenient delivery system around the world. It is also always possible to please your loved one with a gift certificate.