Rainbow geometry

Collection of erotic clothing (streps) Rainbow geometry from the bæd stories store

A bright and versatile kit with limitless potential. It will be appropriate not only during sex, but also at a reckless party. In addition to comfort and convenience, it is perfect for any figure. Accentuated lines, smexuality and originality. It is such a beautiful erotic underwear created by the best designers of the brand bæd stories.

The capsule collection will be the perfect solution for girls of all shapes. The seductive straps are perfectly adjustable and perfectly complement any look. A high-quality material guarantees not only comfort, but also aesthetic satisfaction. Erotic underwear, streps and the philosophy of freedom from the brand bæd stories will be the best guides to the world of ecstasy and orgasms.

Bright design and irresistible look

The unusual concept of the new line of intimate underwear attracts attention with its originality. The departure from tradition gave an incredibly attractive result. Leg straps not only look organic in each of the sets, but also excite with just one look. Also, the undeniable advantages include the possibility of a combination of attire and excellent comfort. And separately worn straps will not restrict movement even during the hottest sex.

The collection line includes the following models:

  • Bold and mesmerizing Diamond;
  • Pretentious and Aggressive Line;
  • Minimally sexy Triangle.

The set also includes a bright bodysuit made of a pleasant mesh fabric. An unusual color scheme is guaranteed to bring freshness and variety to an intimate image.

For all occasions

This set is perfect even for large beach parties or themed events. And in bed with your favorite partner, it will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also add passion and desire. The versatile size and the best materials have made this collection available for all types of shapes. Also on the website of the brand bæd stories you can buy the following accessories for role-playing games:

  • refined feathers;
  • stylish leather bracers;
  • strict and inviting stacks;
  • charismatic whips.

The world of pleasure and ecstasy is already waiting. It remains only to choose an outfit to your taste and give yourself up to passion.