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Lingerie set Dark Moon

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Collection of erotic casual underwear Moon Collection from the store bæd stories

Every day deserves to look irresistible. But an important detail of any stunning image is an unshakable inner confidence in your own beauty. And erotic underwear from the brand bæd stories can guarantee this wonderful feeling. It is this line of capsule underwear that will emphasize all the important details and leave room for a sexual mystery.

When developing this capsule set, the designers were inspired by the images of the mysterious satellite of the planet-the Moon. Her image is sung in many myths and will not leave anyone indifferent. Such sexy nightwear has its own strong energy and attracts the eye. And thoughtful details and the best fabrics guarantee comfort regardless of the phase of the moon.

So different and always beautiful

The concept of the underwear brand is based on a simple philosophy. Underwear, first of all, should please the owner. Give her a sense of comfort, bring aesthetic pleasure and emphasize the natural beauty. Therefore, the Moon Collection lingerie is perfect for everyday wear. It also leaves room for a flash of passion and will help you look desirable in any situation.

An additional pleasant factor will be the presence of various models of bodices, panties and belts. They will help you combine the perfect image that will reveal the “dark”side of nature as much as possible. Beautiful erotic underwear will literally transform sex, making it more sensual, rich and unforgettable. A premium fabric will give a new facet of tactile sensations.

Nice additions

In sex, there is no place for restrictions, hypocrisy and constraint. After all, this is the sphere of sincere feelings, love and emotions. And accessories for role-playing games from the company bæd stories will help to increase the intensity of passions and open new facets of pleasure. On the store’s website, you can find the following nice things:

  • designer leather bracers;
  • openwork thin gloves;
  • soft lashes with a stylish and firm handle;
  • strict stacks;
  • fancy ostrich feather.

All these pleasant little things can turn any bed scene into a bright and beautiful series of orgasms. Happiness and freedom in sex are always inseparable. You just need to find a loved one, and bæd stories has already taken care of what to brighten up the long nights.